Thursday, April 10, 2008

Green Branding

Like all brands, Green must communicate its promise and then deliver upon it. In addition, branding products with a higher agenda imposes the demands of conforming to rigorous standards. Green Brands operate under the implicit assumption of environmental accountability. Mission driven brands draw upon shared morality, and Green brands connect with their audience through core values like responsibility, honesty, and fairness.

Green brands must support quality products, and environmentally friendly business practices should be positioned as an added benefit rather than a central message. It is important to remember that despite the overwhelming growth of Green, the majority of consumers are not necessarily loyal to eco-labels. Some of those that are interested will make buying decisions based on product quality rather than on eco-friendliness. Therefore, the Green brand must communicate qualities beyond the core values associated with the Green message.

The list of products that benefit from Green branding is extensive, but not all products benefit equally from eco-branding. Although the rewards can be considerable, the commitment required to fulfil the promise of a Green brand is onerous and should not be undertaken lightly.

Consumers punish brands that do not address their values, or that make promises they do not keep. Successful Green brands remain true to their core values.

Regardless of how well customers know or relate to Green, everyone can appreciate an approach that is authentic and genuine. A well articulated Green brand should evoke ties like those with trusted friends and family.

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