Monday, May 19, 2008

Green Unity and Other Utopias

"[T]he trend, from both deliberate and inadvertent human action, is towards a more integrated world. The world will ultimately be united politically, economically, and culturally, at least as much as any society is today. Our choices should be made to bring about a world society that reflects the best that modern societies have to offer..." (Research paper on the Prospects for Integration and Disintegration in the World.)

Unlike the Socialist Green Unity Coalition's political agenda, the new Green movement is inclusive. Environmental management demands international cooperation. International cooperation is required if we are to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gases. Issues like water management and air quality are also trans-border concerns. Green cooperation is a promising source of unity because at its best, it transcends political partisanship.

Green is growing because of the economic opportunities it affords. For those seeking political office, Green is amongst the few issues that garners widespread interest. Green appeals to consumers of all ethnicities and political stripes. In Europe Green has unified Europeans. The same may one day hold true on the world stage. Responsible people experience guilt, and guilt can provide a grass roots impetus for global changes.

Nations will be forced to address common environmental concerns because the need is palpable and the logic is inescapable. Greater international cooperation is facilitated by increased international trade, better transportation, and communication. International cooperation is required to establish standards and strategies. Many nations in the world are already cooperating, for example, to further trade and coordinate relief efforts. We will need even greater cooperation to develop a Green blue-print and coordinate Green research and education.

People are changing their buying behaviors and increasingly purchasing Green. In the west, the popular will is receptive to Green, even if there is a lack of understanding of the issues. Although Green is still very young, Green initiatives may prove to be an emblematic example of international cooperation.

Green possesses a magnetic attraction around which many diverse belief systems can coalesce. As an ideology, Green is capable of captivating the popular imagination. As a matter of pragmatic necessity, nations will be forced to cooperate with each other. Green is an impetus for endless collaboration and an ongoing catalyst for unlimited international cooperation. There are no utopias, but a Greener world will be a more unified world.

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