Saturday, July 19, 2008

Print Newspapers and the Growth of Digital Marketing

The print industry is a dirty business and it is being increasingly replaced by digital formats. Traditional print medias rely on paper which require raw materials that deplete natural resources. Paper manufacturing processes generate harmful pollutents and ultimately waste. By comparison, digital medias have a smaller environmental footprint than printed paper.

Despite initial software problems, Apple's recently released iPhone 3G sold over one million units in just a few days. Thanks to the popularity of technologies like the new Apple handset, Mobile marketing continues to proliferate, while widespread layoffs in the newpaper business are indicative of print medias decline. The availability of digital news is an important reason why print newspapers are declining. Many giants in the US newspaper business have conceded this point as evidenced by their online presence. As reported in the MobileMarketer, "Brands launching new mobile applications specifically for the iPhone 3G include The Associated Press, USA Today, The New York Times, [and] The Washington Post." The print media industry is trying to recoup some of their lost print revenue by selling ad space on online facsimiles.

Newspaper readers are aging and younger people do not read print newspapers as much as their older cohorts. Younger people have incorporated digital technologies into their way of life. For marketers, the writing is on the wall, but you will not see it unless you are wired.

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