Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama's Green Stimulus

As reported in Gristmill, President Obama's 175 billion dollar stimulus program will invest in renewable sources of energy and create as many as 5 million new, high-wage jobs. Obama's emphasis on energy is designed to reduce the amount of oil currently imported from the Middle East.

Obama wants "to create the jobs of tomorrow by unlocking the drive, ingenuity, and innovation of the American people. And [provide] loan guarantees for our auto industry so that they can build the energy-efficient cars America needs to end our dependence on foreign oil."

Obama's Green infrastructure investment will be a priority in the new administration. It will enable the US to take significant steps, through energy efficiency and renewable energy development, to move toward a low-carbon economy. This will enhance US competitiveness and serve as an example for other nations to follow.

When you consider Republican opposition to Green investment, it is easy to understand why there really is little choice for American's who have concerns about either the environment or the economy.

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