Sunday, November 23, 2008

People Remain Loyal to Green Even in an Economic Downturn

According to a recent US study, even in this climate of global economic uncertainty, more than three quarters of consumers (77%) define themselves as "Green." Over half (57%) said they made a green purchase decision in the past six months. Almost one quarter, (23%) of consumers reported being "deeply committed" to Green, and a slightly larger segment, (24%), finds green "trendy," particularly for younger consumers 18-34.

Demand for Green remains strong with people buying (or intending to buy) Green products. The range of Green purchasing extends from cleaning and personal care products to cars. (71% said they are interested in buying an environmentally sound car in the future). Whether in traditional media or online, Green consumers are looking for Green information (72% from traditional media and 68% from online sources). The majority of respondents (51%) claimed to use portals as a Green information source. Search came in second (44 %), followed by blogs (21%) and company Web sites (20 %).

This study reiterates the findings of numerous previous studies. Green loyalties are not being eroded by current economic difficulties, these findings support a growing body of evidence indicating that even in a downturn, people continue to identify with Green. For the last ten years people's changing attitudes have been helping Green to grow. We have good reason to believe that this change will continue and governments will see an opportunity to engage a popular idea that can stimulate the economy, enhance competitiveness and exemplify social responsibility.

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