Saturday, November 29, 2008

US Government Incentives: Red, White, Blue & Green

The passage of the financial bailout bill included $150 billion in additional (Green) incentives. The tax bill will help the solar and wind power industries remain competitive. This includes inducements to continue to innovate and produce more power at ever more affordable prices.

According to, under the new bill, homeowners can receive up to $500 for energy efficiency, $2,000 for geothermal, $2,000 or more for solar power systems, $500 or more for a fuel cell or microturbine, $7,500 for plug-in hybrid cars and state tax incentives (the bill authorizes an $800 million government bond program that encourages states to create incentives for new and existing energy conservation and related programs).

To review a summary of all the current incentive packages and tax breaks for each of the 50 states in an easy-to-search database, click here. (Includes sections on homes, business industries & institutions, clean transportation, teachers & students, building & energy professionals)

For a database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency click here. For technical information, particularly home improvements involving HVAC systems, (renewable energy and energy efficiency), click here.

To see sub-federal information on regional and municipal government responses to peak oil, click here.

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