Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Canadian Provincial Government Green Incentives: Prairies

The Province of Saskatchewan offers a PST exemption for qualifying ENERGY STAR residential furnaces, boilers and ENERGY STAR heat pumps. For more information visit the website.

Saskatchewan has announced rebates of up to $2,400 for buyers of energy efficient new homes. For more information click here.

Saskatchewan Government: Environment (Natural Resources)

Manitoba Hydro has several programs which provide Green incentives, they include: The Commercial Refrigeration Incentive Program for retail stores and restaurants that is unique in Canada. (Please refer to the “Commercial Refrigeration Application” for more details). The Commercial Kitchen Appliance Program offers rebates for ENERGY STAR qualified steamers and fryers for restaurants and foodservice establishments. The Commercial Clothes Washers Program, offers an incentive for its commercial customers that purchase and install ENERGY STAR® qualified front-loading commercial clothes washers in their business or facility. The Power Smart Furnace/Boiler Replacement Program offers a $245 credit on customers‚ natural gas bill for the installation of a new ENERGY STAR qualified high-efficiency furnace or boiler. The Power Smart Home Insulation Program offers financial incentives on the purchase of insulation (up to 100 per cent of the material cost ) that must meet eligibility requirements and insulating work that must meet the minimum Power Smart levels. The Power Smart Appliance Rebate Program offers rebates on ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. Electricity bill rebate, to customers who build a new single-family home heated with electricity or natural gas that incorporates prescribed energy efficient components. For more information consult Manitoba Hydro.

Manitoba Government Environment (Natural Resources)

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