Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Small Business Can Save US Cap-and-Trade

The debate on climate change is amongst the most important discussions humanity has ever engaged but despite the heroic economic contributions of the small business community, they have yet to weigh-in on this historic debate.

In the US cap-and-trade is a central feature of proposed climate change legislation. Cap-and-trade offers a viable way of integrating industry into efforts to manage climate change. Cap-and-trade is also an expedient system to achieve significant levels of emissions reductions.

The vast majority of the scientific community agrees that we need to reduce atmospheric CO2 from current levels of 390 down to below 350. We are faced with two choices, we can either sew sustainability into the fabric of our economies now or reap the bitter fruit of our ongoing irresponsibility later.

The required reductions in atmospheric CO2 can only be achieved through an international effort. In less than six months world leaders are scheduled to meet in Copenhagen (COP 15) where it is hoped that an agreement can be reached to replace the soon to expire Kyoto protocol.

The outcome of climate change negotiations will dramatically effect the future of life on earth. The importance of US cap-and-trade legislation cannot be overstated. If it passes it could lead the way to a low carbon global economy, if it fails it could derail an international agreement on climate change.

The US small business community's support for cap-and-trade could help bolster support for climate change legislation.

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