Saturday, September 19, 2009

Local Business Promotes Green Agenda for G20 in Pittsburgh

As world leaders prepare to convene in Pittsburgh for the latest round of G20 talks one business has found a unique way of promoting the green agenda.

Technology publication TechBurger reports that a large commercial retail energy supplier, Pittsburgh-based Direct Energy Business is preparing for the G-20 Summit with a contest showing that Pittsburgh businesses are committed to sustainability.

Direct Energy Business is encouraging businesses to proudly display the fact that their electricity usage has been greened for the G-20 summit.

Local businesses can register to win $500 in cash for displaying an "Imagine a Greener City" poster.

The poster asks the question, "Can You Image a Greener City?" Then answers, "We Can. My Business is Green for the G20."

“The contest is meant to encourage businesses to think about their own sustainable business practices,” said Dave Grupp, spokesperson for Direct Energy Business. “We, as a city, have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set an example for the world, and having city businesses proudly they are green is a powerful statement.”

Full contest rules and more information about the greening of the city of Pittsburgh can be found at


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