Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: What Business Can Do To Help Manage Climate Change

Climate change will affect everyone, including businesses, here are some suggestions for business from's "Blog Action Day."

1. Planning
Climate change is forcing businesses to consider environmental impact in their strategic and tactical planning. In the 21st century, businesses will not only have to contend with the changes in Earth’s climate caused by human choices, but they will also have to plan carefully to ensure their own continuation in light of those changes. “Wise businesses will plan for new futures and generate value from change.” Make climate change part of your business strategy.

2. Marketing
Promotions and sales tactics can be made more efficient. Something as simple as eliminating paper can make a major difference as can increased reliance on digital technologies and other marketing strategies.

3. Innovation
Climate change awareness is driving innovative thinking and it is also crucial to developing strategies to reduce and make informed decisions to avoid impacts, deal with them and create value from change.

4. Product Creation
Manufacturing processes are often the most energy intensive aspect of a company's operations. Consider ways of making your product creation more efficient.

5. Work Locations and Routines
Consider your operational processes and consider ways that you can increase productivity while decreasing energy consumption.

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