Monday, January 11, 2010

Sustainable Stock

With the aim of helping investors see the value of sustainable stock, The Green Market has been charting the performance of its stock portfolio. Stock trading is a daunting challenge as it requires investors to perform considerable research. Inexpensively priced and undervalued stocks often earn the best returns, but investors also need to factor risk. There is always a risk when you invest, a good stock maximizes profits and minimizes risk.

The Green Market has been a champion of sustainable investing from its inception. As the recession loomed The Green Market selected several eco-stock with a targeted focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Although many companys in the renewable energy sector are destined to grow, long term demand must be partnered with aggressive market leadership.

From the time the Green Market posted it's sustainable stock picks to the present, renewable energy and other sustainable stock have appreciated considerably. As reviewed in August of last year, The Green Market's solar stock portfolio has outperformed the market by considerable margins in the first half of 2009.

Green investments provide very attractive returns, however, investment in sustainable companies come with the all important caveat that they help reduce our adverse impact on the planet.

Technologies and business models are coming together to forge sustainable industries. These industries are destined to grow in response to the increasing global demand for cleaner energy and greater efficiency.


Next: Sustainable Investing and Long Term Thinking, Stock Review and Future Prospects: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Energy Efficient (Smart) Grid, Energy Efficient Lighting

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