Tuesday, February 23, 2010

11 Best Green Video Channels or Series

National Geographic Environmental Series: Clips on landslides, tsunamis, floods, droughts and global warming. Each of the clips are written and produced in a quick and easy-to-digest format and use graphics and archive footage well. Environment featured videos are presented in the following categories: Environment Video, Energy, Environmental Threats,Global Warming,Going Green,Green Guide, Habitats,Natural Disasters. Ocean Now, Preserve Our Planet, State of the Earth and Threats to Animals.

Science Daily: Source for the latest scientific research and environmental news. Videos are classified under the following headings: ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.

Reel Impact (Documentary Series): Planet Green's Reel Impact brings to the small screen documentaries that illustrate the tremendous impact humans have on our planet.

EcoBiz: Profiles individuals who are visionaries in strategy and have worked to establish more environmentally sustainable policies and innovative eco-friendly business tactics. They are all about green business — the people who run them and the products and services they make and provide. the 31 video clips in this series covers an impressive range of green business pioneers.

green.tv business channel: What business leaders are doing to assume their environmental responsibilities. Topics include sustainable growth and building a low carbon economy.

The Green Economy Post (Video): A blog portal that provides site visitors with green career information. It also covers the impact of the environment, sustainable building, cleantech and renewable energy. Videos cover topics like green marketing, energy efficiency, and clean tech.

Planet 100: Top environmental news and information, a daily news cast in 100 seconds or less.

350.org Video Retrospective: A few videos that shows how the 350 campaign began, what it accomplished, and what is left to do.

ecobold.com: Offers video reviews of green products at a cost cheaper than list price. Every Tuesday they upload a new product review and every Friday they upload an interview with a green product manufacturer. Recent uploads include Eco-Friendly Labels and Stickers , Tire Recycling Company: West Coast Rubber Recycling, Eco-friendly Paper Products: Green Forest and Recycled Gold Jewelry: Dawes Design

eHow Green: YouTube show and popular how-to website has thousands of videos on scientific and engineering facts about energy -- solar, wind and nuclear.

Green Car Guide Video Series: eHow series on green cars, hybrid vehicles, electric and alternative fuel automobiles are explained by a green car expert. There are 6 videos in this series.

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