Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Online Video Consumption

Online video consumption is driven by ongoing media fragmentation and an increasingly wired population.

In Tech Crunch, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan reviewed several key factors behind online video consumption. He remarks that up until twenty years ago, a 30 second spot on one of the three major networks would reach almost everyone. In the 1952-53 season, more than 30% of American households watched NBC during prime time, according to Nielsen. Today, NBC’s prime time reach is 5%.

"As the media world becomes fragmented consumers are moving online. The Web is following a similar path, known as deportalization the move away from the dominant portals of old, as social networks gain huge followings and vertical niche sites gain smaller, but more loyal, followings." Karbasfrooshan said.

He uses the growth of cable television as an analogy for what is happening online. As the number of channels rose, so did overall content consumption. Consumption increases exponentially as the number of content producers and distribution points increases online.

Overall consumption of media will increase, but hits become less frequent and each hit will become more niche oriented. On average, a video will garner 500 views over time, 25% of those views will come in the first four days and by and large, only the first 30 to 60 seconds will be watched. In terms of how video content is found, statistics show that 45% of views come from direct navigation where a user searches for something they have already seen or are actively looking for. Meaning more than half are found by accident.

Through emails, texts and sites like Twitter, people increasingly expect content to find them. The context in which people are introduced to media and consume it is becoming more important than the content itself. Content is no longer king, context is.

Media is fragmented, the Web is becoming deportalized, and the front line of it all is online video.

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