Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 2010 World Energy Technologies Summit

On Thursday March 18, the 2010 World Energy Technology Summit will convene in New York city. The summit will explore technologies that can help save the planet and shape the future. Some of the world's brightest minds and innovators in energy-tech will lead a daylong summit on game-changing green technologies. Core subjects will include power, food, heat and light.

TIME Magazine and the World Technology Network are partners in this daylong gathering of influential energy technology experts and stakeholders. The Summit will bring together leading experts – technologists, scientists, business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, government and NGO representatives, and more – each working in or deeply tied to the fields of energy, alternative energy and environmental technologies.

Throughout a day of discussions, panels and demonstrations, the Summit will explore the role and influence of emerging energy technologies on climate change, business, infrastructure and the environment. Speakers include Peter Goldmark, Program Director, Climate and Air, Environmental Defense Fund, and Mindy S. Lubber, President of CERES.

Guided by the theme, REALITY CHECK: Technologies Putting us on the Path to Sustainability, programming will explore long and short term technologies and strategies that can re-shape our lives, our businesses, our policies, our planet and our future.

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