Monday, March 8, 2010

How to get Through to Climate Change Deniers

It seems that America has two minds on the climate change issue. These two views are represented by the Democrats who adhere to a scientific understanding of climate change, and the Republicans who dismiss it.

Republicans are virtually unanimous in their mistrust of science and their resistance to climate change legislation (aka the clean energy and climate bill). Although they have not heeded the warnings of scientists, perhaps Republicans will listen to the Department of Defense and the men and women in America's armed forces.

With clear statements from the defense establishment, deniers no longer have to rely on scientists to understand the urgency of climate change. Recently the Pentagon released a report that called climate change a threat to national security that "may spark or exacerbate future conflicts."

Assessments conducted by the intelligence community indicate that climate change could have significant geopolitical impacts around the world. These reports indicate climate change will cause devastating droughts, crop failures, and mass migrations, all of which will coalesce to create the kind of dangerous conditions that breed violent extremism.

Many military organizations are also standing up in support of climate change legislation. One such group was founded by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, they are called Operation Free and they are asking American legislators to pass climate change legislation now.

We cannot allow ignorance to win this debate, the stakes are simply too high. American lawmakers, particularly those in the Senate, need to be repeatedly reminded of the urgency of climate change legislation.

In truth there are two sides on climate change, those who accept the facts and those who are dangerously deluded.

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