Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project's Cause Marketing Videos

Pepsi is using cause marketing to improve their brand awareness in a declining market. Consumers are moving away from sugary, carbonated beverages to a diverse array of healthier alternatives. Pepsi and Coke have been vying for the $60 billion soft drink market for decades. Although Coke and Pepsi own major stakes in non-cola beverages, slowing sales, especially in North America, have forced both companies to seek new ways to generate profits and advertise their brands.

Through its Refresh campaign, Pepsi has established itself as a leading presence in cause marketing in 2010. Pepsi has created videos with high production values. Here are several examples of Pepsi's use of online video for cause marketing.

Pepsi's page on YouTube provides a variety of engaging videos including appeals for support from celebrities like Kevin Bacon and Demi Moore. As a reflection of the changing times, rather than advertising during the Super Bowl this year, Pepsi created this broadcast commercial.

The Pepsi Refresh Project seeks to engage the masses to help Pepsi give away over $20 million. Each month, Pepsi is giving away millions in grants to fund great ideas. So far it has garnered nearly half a million views. You can vote on submission or share an idea of your own. Get the idea toolkit to get involved.

One of the 6 categories on the Pepsi Refresh site is entittled Planet. People have made a variety of submissions to help protect the earth including an environmental education summer camp and a youth run green composting business.

The Pepsi Refresh Project illustrates some of the ways that marketing can create buzz through a unique experience that connects with consumers through causes. Cause marketing can expand a brand's reach and forge greater customer loyalty, it can also help to make the world a better place.

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