Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At Target Everyday is Earth Day

Some environmentalists have criticized Earth Day as a one day event, but companies like Target are making Earth Day everyday.

Target strives to be a responsible corporate steward, they seek to understand and reduce their environmental impact. Target is continuously improving their business practices to use resources responsibly, eliminate waste, minimize their carbon footprint, offer a selection of eco-friendly products, incorporate sustainable elements, and influence their vendors and suppliers to embrace sustainable practices.

This is not just an empty sales pitch, Target has achieved a 10% reduction in average store energy usage by converting overhead store lighting in 500 stores. LEDS are being installed in their coolers and store signage going forward. This will result in 40% energy improvement per refrigerated case. In 2009, 20 million delivery miles and 3 million gallons of diesel fuel were saved by increasing the loads on each truck.

Renewable energy is also part of Target's green initiatives. Solar energy generates an average of 15-20% of the energy needs for 21 CA and HI stores.

Target is sponsoring contests to encourage people to be more environmentally sensible. The Drive Home Green sweepstakes gives participants a chance to win a fuel-efficient Ford Fusion Hybrid. Other prizes include a national park trip, electric scooters and bicycles.

Target is amongst a growing number of businesses that are marrying their profit motive to more environmentally responsible practices. Target is positioning itself as a leader and showing that environmental leadership can minimize exposure and contribute to the bottom line.

Some companies are taking bold steps towards sustainability, not merely on one day per year but as part of their daily operating procedures.

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