Sunday, April 25, 2010

Business for the Environment Global Summit

The fourth annual Business for the Environment Global Summit (B4E), sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program, coincided with Earth Day. The three-day green business conference was held in Seoul, South Korea and featured more than 1,000 attendees, speakers from some of the world’s largest companies, and speeches from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former vice president Al Gore.

The B4E is the world’s leading international conference for dialogue and business-driven action for the environment. The summit addresses the most urgent environmental challenges facing the world today. Important topics on the agenda include resource efficiency, renewable energies, new business models and climate policy and strategies.

CEOs and senior executives join leaders from government, international agencies, NGOs and media to discuss environmental issues, forge partnerships and explore innovative solutions for a greener future.

On April 21, the first day of the summit topics included the need for a global green economy, helping more consumers realize the importance of green business, sustainable tourism, and how climate change is affecting food stability and poverty across the world.

On April 22, (Earth Day) the conference featured a discussion panel on green entrepreneurship in emerging countries. Discussions included the importance of spurning the entrepreneurial spirit across the globe.

On April 23, the topics on the agenda included ICT’s role in the green revolution, sustainable urban development, and financing of green projects.

The business community is increasingly exploring the diverse ways it can contribute solutions to the environmental crises we are facing.

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