Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canon Reaffirms Green Procurement Program for Earth Day

Canon Middle East commemorated Earth Day by reaffirming its commitment to purchasing environmentally conscious parts and raw materials.

Mai Youssef, Corporate Communications Manager at Canon Middle East, said: "To commemorate Earth Day, Canon is proud to reaffirm its commitment to the environment and continue our focus on contributing towards sustainable development."

Canon's green procurement program includes a strict set of criteria for all pulp and paper products as well as packaging materials. These measures have enabled the company to reduce its use of resources and minimize its production of waste.

"Canon constantly takes proactive action in promoting environmental sustainability across all areas of our business organization. We are very serious in dealing with the impact of our operations on the environment, particularly in terms of reducing energy use, conserving resources, and eliminating hazardous substances in the procurement of raw materials, parts, and other commercially available products," Youssef said.

Canon is serious about the sustainability of its own operations and they are expanding the green market by encouraging their suppliers to comply with environmental certification systems.

Despite the global economic challenges, Canon has experienced increased demand for greener products. Canon has shown leadership with its sustainability efforts, and these efforts are being driven by consumers, even through a severe recession.

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