Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Commericialization of Earth Day

Companies are increasingly using Earth Day as a primary marketing vehicle. While some decry the commercialization of Earth Day, others see it as a powerful driver of the green market.

Although Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, many of the commitments made on this day extend throughout the year. One company that is using Earth Day to draw attention to their implementation of year-round greener practices is the AIM Mail Centers franchise.

All of the nearly 90 AIM Mail Centers across the country are aggressive proponents of reuse and recycling programs in their communities. Their shipping department uses only recycled cardboard and paper. The centers also serve as a recycling point for any loose plastic packing material. In addition, the stores also have low-energy lighting technology.

“We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and are always looking for ways to do business in as environmentally friendly a way as possible,” said Michael Sawitz, CEO of AIM Mail Centers.

TD is another company that wanted to make an Earth Day statement. They hurried the inauguration of their prototype of a highly energy-efficient TD bank branch building in Queens to coincide with Earth Day.

Frank Sherman, US green officer for TD Bank said, “Every Earth Day is a reflection of where we are as a culture,” he said. “If it has become commoditized, about green consumerism instead of systemic change, then it is a reflection of our society.”

Some have criticized Earth Day for being overly commercialized, they lament the fact that companies are using the day to communicate their green achievements and ultimately to sell their products and services. However, the profit motive is a hugely influential incentive that is enticing companies to engage in more sustainable practices.

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green companies said...

In our country the earth day had been truly successful every house had participated to turn off their lights and appliances for one hour, this kind of advocacy can be big help to our mother nature just imagine how much energy we had save during the earth hour

Richard Matthews said...

If we are to stave off disaster, our actions must be much more profound than reducing electricy usage for an hour or even a day. However, these environmental events are an important means of raising awareness and for some they are an opportunity to make committments to sustainable efforts that last throughout the year.