Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Tool Kit

Social media is driving Earth Day's phenomenal reach. Thanks to the revolutionary power of digital technologies, Earth Day has grown from 20 million to one billion participants.

The first Earth Day event took place in 1970 and was intended to raise awareness about environmental problems. Decades before the widespread adoption of the PC, the first Earth Day event was able to inspire 20 million people to demonstrate in rallies all across America. Without the help of digital technologies, these demonstrations helped convince Congress to pass major environmental regulations.

Four decades later, Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman are about to introduce their version of the climate change bill that passed in the House last year. This year Earth Day is an opportunity to send a clear message to lawmakers demanding that they pass legislation that encourages a sustainable economy and addresses the climate crisis.

This Sunday, April 25, Earth Day Network will be holding a climate rally in Washington, DC in support of a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill. For those who cannot attend, virtual participation is also welcomed.

Today, on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Hour, social media allows people to disseminate Earth Day messages in ways that could not be imagined in 1970.

There are many virtual resources that merit exploring and sharing. Here is a wide array of Earth Day videos, information and events including links from Earth Day's "Organizing Tools: Earth Day in a Box."

Earth Day Information

Climate Change
Conservation & Biodiversity
Food & Agriculture
Green Economy
Green Schools
Recycling & Waste Reduction
Sustainable Development

Organizing Tools: Earth Day in a Box

Create a Campaign
Register Your Event Here
Billion Acts of Green
Organizer's Guide
Creating School Gardens fact sheet
Teach about the history of the environmental movement
Religious and Faith Communities
Earth Day on Campus
Adopt-A-Water Project

Earth Day Social Network Presence

Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network Profile at LinkedIn
Earth Day Twitter Mission Control Grid
Earth Day Facebook Page

Earth Day Video / TV

Sustainable Companies Videos
Earth Day Television
History and Explanation of Earth Day
The Tiniest Things Matter
The Fragile Earth
Find Your Inner Burt

Earth Day Photo Sharing

Share your Earth Day video
Share your photos on Earth Day FLICKR group,
email pictures to Earth Day Communications[at]

Earth Day Applications

The Facebook application can be accessed on the Earth Day Network page.
The iPhone application can be found on iTunes or on the iPhone App Store .

Earth Day Events Around the Globe

Interactive activities map

Earth Day Events Across Canada

Earth Day Events in British Columbia
Earth Day Events in Alberta
Earth Day Events in Saskatchewan
Earth Day Events in Manitoba
Earth Day Events in Ontario
Earth Day Events in Quebec
Earth Day Events in New Brunswick
Earth Day Events in Nova Scotia
Earth Day Events in Prince Edward Island
Earth Day Events in Newfoundland & Labrador
Earth Day Events in the Yukon
Earth Day Events in the Northwest Territories
Earth Day Events in Nunavut

Other Earth Day Related Events

See a webcast of first Green Summit at the New York Stock Exchange, or follow the event on Twitter.

Next: Business for the Environment Global Summit / NYSE Green Summit / Earth Day 2010: The Business of Green / At Target Everyday is Earth Day

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