Friday, May 21, 2010

Environmental Revolution: Building and Operations

A 21st century revolution is taking hold, like the industrial revolution that preceded it, the environmental revolution is advancing business interests, but with far less environmental impact. The term "Environmental Revolution" was first coined in a book called "Mid-Course Correction" by Ray Anderson.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution mankind has honed mass production, replacing humans and horses with machines. But the industrial revolution has also had a catastrophic impact on the planet and its biodiversity.

The public awareness of the environment is encouraging businesses to find solutions that integrate renewable energy into their buildings and operations.

Businesses are increasingly building or renovating using green building methods and materials. Many of these businesses are also incorporating renewable energy, while decreasing material use and streamlining operations.

The costs associated with greener building and operations are recouped over time and these upfront costs help to position businesses to be compete in the new green economy.

These efforts also benefit employees. According to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), green buildings actually improve worker productivity and minimize absenteeism.

This new revolution is driving down costs through energy efficiency and material conservation. Radical changes in building and operations are making it possible for businesses to help the planet and its inhabitants while bettering their bottom line.

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