Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada is a World Leader in GHG Emissions

Canada has the dubious distinction of being one the world's leading greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting nations.

Canada has a long history of leadership on critical environmental issues, but you would never know it if you were to take a look at the policies of the ruling Conservative party.

The Conservatives may not be leading the struggle to combat climate change but they should win an award for eschewing domestic and international opinion.

A recent analysis by Climate Action Network revealed that Canada is among the world's leading sources of GHGs. Canada is a global leader in historical emissions, absolute emissions and per capita emissions.

As the leader of the Conservatives, Harper appears oblivious to messages coming in from from all quarters. Harper has ignored messages to focus on a green economic recovery from international leaders in the UN, EU, as well as Nobel Peace Prize laureates and scientists. Most recently, as the host nation for the G20, Canada did not respond to member states repeated requests to discuss climate change.

Rather than showing the leadership required to make the necessary changes to lower GHGs, the ruling Conservatives have opted to ignore it and hope it wll go away. It won't.

Canada is a great nation, but Canada's greatness is undermined by a federal government that does not appear interested in the emerging green economy.

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Anonymous said...

please link your reference @ Climate Action Network citing Canada as the world leader in greenhouse gas emissions. every source i've seen lists China as the absolute leader and the US in per capita emissions. citing Canada the leader in both is a bold statement without a linked reference.

The Green Market Oracle said...

My post indicated that Canada is one of the world leaders in GHG emissions. As of 2008 Canada was ranked as the seventh largest producer of C02 in the world. Canada accounts for 1.9% of global CO2 emissions, however, the six nations that precede Canada in CO2 emissions all have much larger populations. The amount of GHGs produced per person in Canada is 3.8 times the level of Chinese per capita GHG emissions, and 14.7 times the level of India's per capita emissions.