Friday, June 11, 2010

First International Water Hour

The first international Water Hour takes place today June 11, 2010 between 8PM and 9PM local time. This global event is about protecting one of our most precious resources. For those concerned about the coming water crisis, this is an exciting opportunity to take action and raise awareness.

Water Hour is a moment to celebrate water, to create a torrent of messages and a flood of action for water! Water Hour takes a whole new approach. Rather than focus on fear and guilt, Water Hour seeks to reconnect with the awe and wonder of water in our lives, and create positive change from a positive place.

Water Hour is a celebration, a time to reflect on what water really means, and a dynamo of action to protect water. People are invited to get involved in a journey to re-awaken their connection to water, and to commit to its protection.

The event is designed to encourage on-the-ground action and celebrations, preferably recorded in postings, photos and video to share with others online. Water Hour taps into the enormous power of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, connecting across the globe to create something wonderful. Communicate messages worldwide through social media, with as a hub.

Take action to conserve water in your household and workplace, to clean and protect the rivers and lakes and aquifers where your water comes from, to stop pollution, and to assure that water is shared fairly. To review the ways Water Hour is being celebrated, click on the top five picks and more ideas. However you mark the hour, share it with the world on the Water Hour social networks.

Join the Swim Drink Fish Music Club - free from 8PM - 9PM local time. Go to the "I Have a Code" blank, type "waterhour" and then click Redeem. Fill in the profile form and your one-year free membership is active.

Water Hour is an initiative of the Ecologos Institute’s wider water protection program called Water Alive.

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