Friday, June 18, 2010

France's Innovation in Renewable Energy on Display

France's innovations in renewable energy are on Display in Paris at the Salon des Energies Renouvelables (Renewable Energy Exhibition) that started on June 16 and concludes on Friday June 18.

The Salon des Energies Renouvelables is a pioneering event in France. Since 2001, this has been a benchmark event for all types of renewable energy.

The show is an annual forum that brings together qualified exhibitors spanning the entire sector of energies. In the space of eight shows, the Salon des Energies Renouvelables has recorded a meteoric rise in attendance.

France is currently the second largest European market in terms of renewables taken as a whole, and constitutes a major growth driver compared to other countries where this market is already mature, such as Germany, or in difficulty, such as Spain.

Implementation of the decisions taken at the “Grenelle” environment meeting and the building construction stimulus plan will give new impetus to renewable energy contracts in France.

High-growth markets include Solar photovoltaic systems where the installed capacity rose from 70MW in 2007 to 175MW in 2008, as well as created 1 500 jobs.

French thermal solar systems have grown at a rate of 28%. The market in metropolitan France is now estimated to be 313 000 m2 of solar installations or a capacity of 219 MWth for an annual turnover of about €400 m and with the creation of some 6500 jobs.

French wind power France recorded an increase of 38% in installed capacity in 2008, reaching a total of 3404 MW, thus ranking the country 4th in Europe. Direct jobs created rose to 7000 compared to 5000 in 2007.

French biomass energy produced 290,000 tonnes of oil equivalent between 2007 and 2010.

The Salon des Energies Renouvelables will be attended by building trade and energy professionals, heat specialists, electricians, renewable energy specialists, specifi ers (architects, design offices, economists), public sector, contractors, elected representatives, private owners, etc.

Exhibitions and presentations will showcase the technologies of tomorrow. In rethinking how energy can be supplied to our societies, we must consider all possible solutions. Certain developing technologies merit special mention: marine energy, hydrogen, second generation biofuels, energy storage.

The Salon des Energies Renouvelables will include the latest innovations and give stakeholders a forum to promote their achievments.

To see a schedule of events go to Les conférences en salles.

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