Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sustainable Brands 2010

Sustainable Brands 2010 (SB’IO) is driving market-changing innovation and helping to forge a new path for tomorrow’s leading brands. On May 25, 2010, Sustainable Life Media (SLM) announced the top 11 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SB’IO) finalists. SB’IO is a week long event that commences Monday June 7 and involves more than 800 brand leaders, innovation executives and designers.

SLM is the leading producer of sustainable business conferences and educational events, with products and services designed for the sustainable business community. Last year’s SB’09 conference furthered three years of consecutive growth, realizing a 20% increase in attendance despite the recession. The event brought together business and brand strategists, designers and sustainability executives for three days of extraordinary conversation, inspiration and insights into new strategies and tactics for leading profitable innovation for sustainability in the 21st century.

This year SLM are offering event tickets at the Associate Membership level, designed to provide cost-effective access. Associate Membership is designed for early and pre-startup sustainability companies, who are innovators in areas such as energy creation, business metrics and analysis. At SB’IO, Associate Members have access to parts of the conference as well as Sustainable Life Media‘s premium video and online learning content. To help with virtual communications, SLM has also launched Connext™ a new online capability that will facilitate collaboration activities at SB’IO.

SB’IO has four distinct tracks: Observe, Redesign, Measure and Communicate. The conference is titled, “Power of AND,” this theme moves beyond an "either/or" mentality to a new way of solving the increasingly complex business and environmental challenges faced by companies today.

The conference is intended to inform business strategy, product design and communications. SB’IO provides inspiration, techniques and best practices as economic realities, corporate responsibility and the environment come together to create a new strategic business imperative.

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