Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greening Vehicle Fleets

Companies with vehicle fleets can use electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids and fuel efficient vehicles to cut costs and carbon pollution. Fleet efficiency is also about reducing fuel consumption by taking incremental actions, including choosing better routes and avoiding idling. These actions add up to fuel savings and emission reductions, especially when multiplied by the millions of vehicles.

A new video from Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), titled The Power of Scale, shows how small actions done by many can result in big changes for the corporate bottom line and the health of the planet.

Currently, there are over 3 million corporate fleet vehicles in the United States emitting 45 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. The Power of Scale video demonstrates that companies can reduce their corporate fleet emissions by 6 million metric tons per year and collectively save over 2 billion dollars.

Fleet efficiency has become an increasingly important issue for corporations as they look for opportunities to reduce their environmental impact. The Power of Scale video offers compelling tools to help companies 'green' their vehicle fleets.

This innovative new video, communicates a complex message in a creative way. This video shows that professionals and consumers can take important steps to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. For additional transportation oriented resources see:

Calculate your fleet emissions, Five-Step Green Fleet Framework, Fuel-smart driver training module.

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