Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Governments and the Growth of EVs

Governments can help manage climate change by supporting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Fossil Fuel powered vehicles are a leading cause of global warming and as such it is incumbant upon governments to encourage the development of less environmentally harmful transportation technologies. EVs are, at present, our best option to reduce vehicular emissions.

We are on the cusp of an EV explosion that will replace the combustion engine. Hybrids are an increasingly popular bridge technology on the road to fully electric vehicles. Although the Senate Energy Committee recently passed an electric vehicle bill, ongoing changes in public policy are needed to make the switch from fossil fuel engines to EVs.

Governments should enforce a low-carbon fuel standard and power plant emissions regulations as well as fill regulatory gaps.

There are many other things governments can do to increase the adoption of EVs including, provide direct incentives to EV buyers, fund advanced battery research, purchase fleets of EVs, and support EV mass production. Largely by encouraging private investment, governments can also assist with the development of charging EV infrastructure.

The ultimate energy objective is to find a way to manage increasing demand for energy while improving air quality and decreasing CO2 emissions.

EVs offer a meaningful way of decreasing growing emissions, they are one of the keys to solving the environmental and energy challenges we face.

The transition away from fossil fuel powered transportation is as important to the war against climate change as investment in renewables, smart grid technology and efficiency initiatives. However, it will take sustained public policy action to help EVs make the leap from promising technology to commonplace reality.

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