Sunday, August 29, 2010

CleanEdison's Green Building & Design Courses

Increasing environmental concerns, interest in healthier structures, and increasing regulation from the permitting authorities, are driving the proliferation of green building educational programs.

Green design and building courses are offered in class and online at CleanEdison. They also offer several LEED programs at training centers throughout the US. The green building courses they offer include geothermal, solar, and sustainable design.

Residential Green Building: Design, Construction, and Accreditation is a four hour interactive online course that starts by debunking many green building myths and then moves into a comprehensive discussion of its elements. The course takes a close look at green building in relation to many aspects of design and construction including issues dealing with sites, landscaping, foundations, frames, exterior finishes, plumbing, appliances, insulation, ventilation, windows, finishes, and flooring. The course wraps up with information on testing, certification, and accreditation, including a look at the LEED program and the NAHB Green Home Certification Program.

This course covers green building principles and practices, green energy management and optimization, sustainable concepts design concepts, green building design principles, green construction techniques, and certification options. To see more information on this and other distance learning courses go to CleanEdison - Online.

Clean Edison is the leading provider of LEED education programs and exam preparation training. LEED provides standards for environmentally sustainable green building practices and construction. LEED accredited professionals increase their marketability in green building design and business sustainability. CleanEdison's LEED Green Associate exam prep includes a complete review of the LEED rating system and proven strategies for taking and passing the exam.

CleanEdison offers an expedient starting point for those who wish to become green energy consultants. CleanEdison's LEED Green Associate intensive course is one of the fastest ways to prepare you for the Green Associate exam. In just one day instructors review the credit rating system, the general guidelines for that system, and various tips and tricks for passing the exam. To see more information go to Leed Green Associate Training.

CleanEdison is part of the USGBC's Education Provider Program and an approved BPI Affiliate. For more information go to CleanEdison.

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Anonymous said...

CleanEdison offers courses and then cancels them. They refuse to refund you your money! What a ripoff!

Rich Grimshaw said...

I enrolled in a CleanEdison course that was postponed two times. I cancelled my enrollment and accepted their offer of a full refund. BUT, I have never received the refund. They do not return my phone calls. I think these people are running an organized training scam and a rip-off. There is no other way to account for this.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at CleanEdison. It was founded in Late 2008/Early 2009 with the goal of MAKING MONEY off of the LEED exam prep industry since the exam was about to change and get harder and many people were scrambling to take it. The founder, Avi Yashchin had worked at Lehman Brothers, and had no background in sustainability or green buildings. I would say more but he is the type of individual who would sue for defamation of character. All I can say is that the two previous comments do not surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Not only I managed to enjoy the course and learned a lot, but I also passed my exam and saved money. What else could you ask for? CleanEdison’s prices are unbeatable, the courses are well-organized, teachers knowledgeable.

Anonymous said...

Having a lot experience with CleanEdison and its CEO I need to agree. They are bridge-burners and carpetbaggers, total pirates.

Anonymous said...

WOW! It seems like we are talking about two totally different companies here. I took a solar pv bootcamp class earlier this year and had a good experience. They let me know what I was getting into before I paid and did not have to cancel classes or any of that. It seems like they have changed ALOT for the better from what you guys say.

Anonymous said...

Yeah used to work there it's very much a start up environment. Yes the CEO is a d bag kind of individual and very money hungry but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles

CleanEdison said...

We are very disappointed to hear that you had an unhappy experience with our course scheduling. We do our best to provide timely refunds in the unusual event of a cancellation.

We have trained thousands of very satisfied students and we appreciate customers who let us know when things aren’t right. Any previous students are welcome to contact us directly about their experiences, both positive and negative. We have always been committed to offer better courses.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience you experienced.