Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Columbia University's PhD in Sustainable Development

A PhD in Sustainable Development is offered by Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Many of the most important policy issues facing the planet today require a central focus on the sustainability of development. These include the causes and consequences of long-term climate change.

There is substantial and growing demand for PhDs with a broad social science education, strong research skills, and knowledge of the natural sciences. The new interdisciplinary PhD in Sustainable Development is designed to educate researchers, university teachers, and global policymakers in the social science and natural science disciplines that underpin sustainable development.

The purpose of the PhD in Sustainable Development is to create a generation of scholars and professionals equipped to deal with some of the most crucial problems in the world today. By combining elements of a traditional graduate education in social science, particularly economics, with a significant component of training in the natural sciences, the program's graduates will be uniquely situated to undertake serious research and policy assessments with the goal of sustainable development.

There are a wide variety of potential employers for the program's graduates. Graduates will find academic jobs in the standard social science disciplines, in policy schools, and in undergraduate and graduate environmental science programs. Many will choose nonacademic positions, however, taking leadership roles in government ministries in the United States and throughout the world, working on environmental protection and sustainable development programs; or in international institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank; in private firms engaged in large-scale development projects; or in consulting firms analyzing development issues for private and public clients.

For additional information see FAQ. Any additional questions about the program can be e-mailed to the assistant dean at, or go to degree requirements.

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