Friday, August 27, 2010

Commonground University's Online Environmental Classes

Many busy professionals would like to increase their knowledge and skills but it is sometimes hard to find the time. For those who would rather not commit to pursuing a degree, taking courses online affords a certain flexibility with a limited investment of time, making it easier to manage a busy schedule.

Here are a couple examples of environmentally oriented online courses offered by Commonground University.

ASTM E1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
This is the online version of ASTM's popular in-person course. The course is facilitated by the same ASTM instructors who have trained thousands of environmental professionals. Learn why the ASTM Environmental Site Assessment Standard Practices for the Phase I Site Assessment was developed, how to use the standard, and how the standard affects the way you do business. You will gain an understanding of the "Innocent Landowner Defense" under the CERCLA, and why due diligence is necessary. The course reflects the ASTM E1527-05 standard and discusses EPA's AAI rule.

Environmental Due Diligence: Principles & Practices
This course will help you handle the broad range of issues that arise when performing any type of environmental due diligence. You will learn the most current procedures for conducting investigations and acquire skills for interpreting and communicating your findings. Also, you will learn best practices from sharing insights and experiences with peers and experts in interactive forums. By taking this course, you will be up-to-date on current trends in environmental due diligence.

For more information go to the Commonground University site.

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