Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Green Building Focus Conference and Expo

Education was the focus of the 2010 Green Building Focus Conference and Expo. The event was a showcase for the latest in sustainable building development.

The Green Building Focus was held between August 24th and 27th, and hosted by the city of Birmingham, Alabama. The city of Birmingham is the largest construction hub in the Southeast, and it is quickly becoming the region’s hub for green building activity as well.

With the growing demand for green building, this year’s conference sought to inform and educate the region’s architects, engineers, home owners, construction professionals, faculty and students.

The Green Building Focus explored recent trends, technologies and materials available in the green building movement. The conference also addressed topics including, “The Greening of Corporate America,” “Private and Federal Incentives for Green Projects,” and “International Green Construction Code.”

There were workshops and a business expo with more than 150 vendors showcasing environmentally friendly products and services and featuring some of the world's leading authorities on sustainable development.

Speakers included Karan Grover, an internationally acclaimed architect and winner of the 2004 USGBC platinum award for greenest building on Earth. Another conference speaker, Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos said, "It takes leadership from the top all the way down to the public buying into it."

Despite the challenges reviewed by Mayor Petelos, the Green Building Focus was a window into the innovations that are driving the growth of green homes.

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