Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prescott College`s PhD in Sustainability

Prescott College offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education with a concentration in Sustainability. Sustainability Education focuses on global citizenship and promotes environmental responsibility.

This four-year program combines expansive interdisciplinary inquiry with intense individual research and practice. The Prescott College PhD Program provides opportunities for collaboration, interdisciplinary learning, presentation, research, and teaching about topics and issues related to the doctoral student's programs of study.

This highly selective, innovative and forward-thinking program is primarily designed for adults with at least three years of relevant professional work experience. The program aims to foster an informed, involved citizenry with the necessary social and scientific literacy, commitment and creative problem-solving skills to engage in responsible, cooperative action towards a sustainable future.

Prospective doctoral students should have significant experience in their proposed individual focus areas. This life and work experience may include educational administration, teaching, research, writing, consulting, business, communications, community development, advocacy, public relations, policy development and analysis, politics, or any number of other possibilities.

Education for sustainability is a life-long, individual, and social learning progression that challenges the dominant ecological, psychological, economic and social paradigms.

The desired outcome is an informed, involved citizenry with the social and scientific literacy, commitment, and creative problem-solving skills to engage in responsible individual and cooperative actions toward a sustainable society. Achieving sustainability in all dimensions of human existence depends on adopting an educational paradigm that manifests and supports change toward a sustainable, secure society. The PhD Program strives to contribute to synergistic learning and change in consciousness, education, culture, and ultimately, society.

Within the central theme of sustainability education, students create individualized proposals for formal coursework and a practicum based on an educational vision. Finally, PhD students undertake an action-oriented dissertation, demonstrating passionate scholarship in the sustainability education niche.

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