Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walden University's PhD in Sustainability Online Degree

Walden University is now offering the nation's first online PhD program in Public Policy & Sustainability. Walden is an accredited online university, Walden first served the unique needs of working doctoral students four decades ago. Today, they offer more than 10 online doctoral programs with more than 60 specializations.

The Public Policy & Sustainability specialization explores ways of creating and maintaining sustainable communities that are environmentally sound, economically prosperous, and socially equitable. It also explores the interrelated elements that make a community viable and access the tools and resources for sustainable community development.

This degree prepares students for roles such as a town manager, department head, or director of a social service organization. Traditional graduate degree programs related to sustainability are increasing, and their online counterpart is slowly following.

Walden`s doctoral experience features a unique blend of theory, research, and practical application. For working professionals, online programs offer greater flexibility when juggling a busy schedule. With the exception of regular classrooms or face-to-face meetings, online PhD programs are no different from their traditional counterparts.

The online PhD experience can take anywhere from four to six years to complete, as the process entails at least a year and a half of intense studies, directed by a panel of three to five professors who then administer oral or written exams.

The dissertation, or thesis, is a detailed investigation into a very specific aspect of the student’s chosen field. Once the thesis has been defended successfully, it must be filed with the university before the title of "doctor" can be awarded.

See the Walden site for more information or contact a Walden enrollment advisor.

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Harish Singh said...

Online degree's are best choice by the students in today's scenario because most of the students want to study with their job.

Online Graduate Program
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Anne said...

I believe that walden university online will mark its 4th year on online learning this year.

Richard@online PhD in Nursing said...

It is great to know that Walden University caters students interested in online PhD degree in sustainability. Although this has been offered two years ago, I am thankful I have found your post. This is a very crucial degree for these days knowing how our environment is degrading and having drastic changes.