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AASHE Survey of Sustainability Positions in Higher Education

Here is the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) list of environmentally oriented positions and job descriptions in North American colleges and Universities.

Sustainability Coordinators and Officers

Antioch University New England - Assistant to the President for Sustainability & Social Justice
Berea College - Sustainability Coordinator
Bowdoin College - Coordinator for a Sustainable Bowdoin
California State University, Chico - Sustainability Coordinator
Century College - Biology Faculty, Co-Chair of Climate Committee, part-time Sustainability Coordinator
Champlain College - Sustainability Coordinator
City College of New York, CUNY - Sustainability Coordinator
College of Lake County - Sustainability Coordinator
Concordia University - Sustainability Coordinator
Cornell University - Sustainability Coordinator
Dartmouth College - Sustainability Coordinator
Dawson College - Project Development - Sustainability
Denison University - Campus Sustainability Coordinator
Duke University - Sustainability Coordinator
Emory University - Director of Sustainability Initiatives
Green Mountain College - Service Learning Sustainability Coordinator
Humboldt State University - Sustainability Coordinator
Indiana University Director of Sustainability
Kankakee Community College
Dean of Sustainability and Planning
Sustainability Center Coordinator
Kent State University - Manager, Sustainability
Loyola Marymount University - Campus Sustainability Coordinator
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Deputy Director, Sustainability Program
Medical University of South Carolina - Sustainability Manager
Middlebury College - Director Sustainability Integration Office
Muhlenberg College - Sustainability Coordinator
New York University - Manager, Sustainability Initiatives
Northland College - Campus Sustainability Coordinator/ Environmental Educator
Ohio State University - Sustainability Coordinator
Oregon State University - Sustainability Coordinator
Penn State University - Manager of Sustainability Programs
Princeton University - Sustainability Manager
Portland State University - Sustainability Coordinator
Rice University - Director of Sustainability
Santa Clara University - Sustainability Coordinator
Seattle University - Campus Sustainability Coordinator
Sir Sandford Fleming College - Sustainability Projects Coordinator
St. Lawrence University - Coordinator of Sustainability Projects
Sterling College - Sustainability Coordinator
Suffolk University - Special Projects Coordinator for Campus Sustainability
Transylvania University - Sustainability Coordinator
Unity College - Sustainability Coordinator
University of Arkansas - Director for Campus Sustainability
University of British Columbia - Director, Sustainability
University of California, Berkeley - Director of Campus Sustainability
University of California, Los Angeles - Sustainability Coordinator
University of California, Santa Cruz - Sustainability Manager
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - Sustainability Officer
University of Dayton - Environmental Sustainability Manager
University of Kentucky - Sustainability Coordinator
University of Louisville - Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - Sustainability Coordinator
University of Massachusetts Amherst - Sustainability Coordinator
University of Missouri - Student Sustainability Coordinator
University of Minnesota Duluth - Campus Sustainability Coordinator
University of Prince Edward Island - Director of Environmental Studies and Sustainability
University of Toronto -Sustainability Coordinator
University of Toronto at Mississauga - Sustainability Coordinator
University of Utah Sustainability Coordinator Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund
University of Victoria - Sustainability Coordinator
University of Washington - HFS Capital Planning and Sustainability Manager
Virginia Commonwealth University - Director of Sustainability
Western Washington University - Campus Sustainability Coordinator
Wilfrid Laurier University - Sustainability Coordinator
Yale University - Director, Office of Sustainability


College of Menominee Nation - Communications/Projects Specialist
Medical University of South Carolina - Sustainability Communications Coordinator

Environmental Officers

American University - Environmental Coordinator
Concordia University - Environment/R4 Coordinator
University of Calgary - Environmental Management System Specialist
University of Connecticut - Director, Environmental Policy
University of Tennessee - Environmental Coordinator
University of Toronto - Environmental Project Manager
University of Vermont - Environmental Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Environmental Sustainability Coordinator
Washington State University - Environmental Wellbeing Coordinator
Green Building
Harvard University - HGCI Program Assistant, High Performance Building Service
University of Vermont - Green Building Coordinator

Recycling & Operations

Harvard University - Associate Manager, Recycling and Waste Services
Medical University of South Carolina - Recycling Operations Manager
Unity College - Waste/Recycling Technician
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Solid Waste Program Manager
University of Oregon - Campus Operations Environmental Resource & Recycling Manager
University of Rhode Island - Recycling Coordinator
University of Victoria - Waste Reduction Coordinator
University of Wyoming - Waste Stream Management Supervisor


Earth Ethics Institute at Miami Dade College - Director of the Earth Ethics Institute
Everett Community College - Admin Service / Resource Conservation Manager
Harvard University - Occupant Engagement Manager
Loyola University Chicago - CUERP Coordinator
Valencia Community College - Energy Conservation Manager

See AASHE for resources aimed at helping campuses establish these types of positions as well as strengthening and supporting existing campus positions.

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