Monday, September 20, 2010

Arizona State University's Sustainable Business Curriculum

Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business is offering sustainable business courses in its new master’s degree programs.

“Success in business or nearly any field requires sophisticated leadership capability, so we work to attract the best possible students and help them appeal to future employers through business knowledge, skill and world-class leadership,” said W. P. Carey School of Business Dean Robert Mittelstaedt in a statement. “Updates to our programs further enhance our focus on leadership and sustainability practices.”

In addition to a sustainability emphasis, the school will add marketing, supply chain management, finance and international studies as areas of emphasis online. It also is expanding scholarship opportunities, making them available for students applying for evening and online programs.

Two new international electives involve classes in Italy and Germany. The school already has study options in India, Argentina, China, France, Austria and Spain.

William Verdini, chair of the Supply Chain Management Department at the Carey School, says that the new program has met an enthusiastic response from students at the school. "The demand level from students coming into the Carey School for knowledge in this area is very high," he says, adding, "We were amazed at how many hundreds of people signed up for the B. A. in Business with a concentration in sustainability."

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