Thursday, September 23, 2010

Green School in India: Shoolini University

Shoolini University is India's first Bio-tech university, and it also boasts a green campus full of socially responsible students. Shoolini is a leader in the field of energy conservation and recycling, it is also at the forefront of developing other environmentally oriented programs and policies.

Situated in the Simla Hills, Shoolini University has a modern 20 acre campus surrounded by pine trees. The university has a terraced herbal garden and their herbarium has more than 500 varieties of herbs. There is also a vermi composting facility along with a set up for water harvesting.

Shoolini University teaches by example and as such the school is passionate about reducing its ecological footprint. Special solar water heaters, powering down computers, and energy-saving light bulbs are standard. Working with the campus maintenance teams, the grounds staff takes note when energy is being wasted and is quick to find solutions.

Shoolini University's green initiatives are a good example of leadership and creativity. The students constantly work with various departments to implement energy saving program.

Shoolini University is leading the way in India with a green campus and sustainable initiatives.

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