Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to Become a Sustainability Officer

There are four basic requirements for those seeking to become a sustainability officer: Relevant education, related work, leadership experience, and communication skills.

Beyond a keen interest in the environment, a sustainability officer should also be adept at working in teams.

The first requirement to become a sustainability officer is to complete a post-secondary education program in environmental studies or sustainability at an accredited university or college.

The second requirement for a sustainability officer is work experience. Although related work experience is important, it could include something as accessible as volunteer work with an environmental organization.

The third requirement to become a sustainability officer is leadership. Because leadership skills are transferable, they need not be acquired in an experience associated with sustainable environmental initiatives.

The fourth requirement to become a sustainability officer is being an effective communicator. Presentation, written and verbal skills are essential attributes. Ideally, people considering a career in the field will have experience in communications that involves writing releases or newsletters, or organizing information campaigns.

Ongoing education is vital to keeping up on best practices as well as networking amongst sustainable professionals to keep abreast of the newest developments.

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