Monday, September 20, 2010

MODUL University's MSc in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy

Vienna based, MODUL University (MU) offers Master of Science (MSc) degree programs in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy. The unique multidisciplinary approach of these programs involve research teams from three different departments: public governance and management, tourism and hospitality management and new media technology.

MU's MSc degree reviews the principles of sustainable development and the impact of environmental policies on communities, business and the economy. This environmentally oriented degree prepares students to be the leaders of the future by focusing on development issues, globalization and sustainability challenges.

Their research and teaching staff actively participate in international scholarly and professional networks and are at the forefront of their field, which enables them to bring students to the heart of scientific practice.

MSc graduates in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy qualify for positions as consultants, scientists, policy advisors, program coordinators and environmental marketing specialists in research institutes, in government, in globally presented companies or at NGOs all over the world. In addition, the MSc degree prepares students for a subsequent PhD program.
The program's strengths include, critical thinking, emergent trends and key management issues. For further information, see the folder for the MSc programs.

The Master of Science degree in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy involves full time study over 4 semesters or extended duration which is completed over 6 semesters. The study year is divided into fall and spring semesters (thesis work takes place in the 3rd and 4th semester).

The MSc degree comprises management & research core courses, courses in innovation and change management, environmental systems, and further, courses in the field of specialization. For more information on the admissions process, contact

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