Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NYC Public School's Green Initiatives

Green initiatives are being replicated in public schools in New York City's five boroughs. Two of New York's public schools have received green awards including PS 334 (the Anderson School) which won the Department of Sanitation’s Golden Apple Award for starting a new recycling program.

Anderson followed the example of PS 199, who have a robust recycling program and this year won the Golden Apple’s Trashmasters! Reduce and Reuse challenge for Manhattan. PS 199 runs many reuse programs, ranging from batteries to bottle caps to clothing and more. Schools around the city were also recognized for their composting efforts.

This year PS 84 announced the opening of two new school gardens: One a classroom garden funded by Lowe’s, and the other a “recycle garden” funded by Fiskars. Other schools are helping to fund their projects through selling greener products such as reusable Chico bags and steel water bottles.

From recycling to composting initiatives, New York's public schools are getting involved in green. With the support of administrators, teachers and parents, kids are developing a better understanding of what it means to have a healthy relationship with the planet.

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