Saturday, September 18, 2010

The University of Oregon's Interdisciplinary MBA and Green Chemistry Programs

The University of Oregon's (UO) Londquist College of Business offers an Interdisciplinary MBA and a Green Chemistry Program. UO's interdisciplinary MBA involves different departments and includes subjects like Landscape Architecture, Planning and Public Policy, and Sustainable Business Practices.

The four primary partners that contribute to UO's interdisciplinary MBA are the PNNL and UO Office of Tech Transfer, which contribute patented or copyrighted technologies that they believe offer commercial potential, and tap their streams of licensing royalty income to support the students’ interdisciplinary technology evaluations.

The second partner is the UO academic department. It provides access to faculty inventors, and helps MBA students network with doctoral students and post-docs in physics, biology, chemistry, materials science, psychology, computer science, education and others.

Thirdly, the LCE contributes M.B.A. students and faculty advisers with expertise in accounting, finance, marketing, and business planning. Finally the Center for Law and Entrepreneurship contributes law students and faculty advisers with expertise in assessing intellectual property.

The UO's Green Chemistry program can help organizations reduce risk and create competitive advantages. Developing greener chemicals, materials, products and processes will help ensure that human health, a sustainable environment and a thriving economy endure.

Oregon is poised to lead the country in developing and applying green chemistry solutions. The state's commitment to sustainability and concentration of pioneering business leaders and world class researchers create fertile ground for innovation.

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