Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Environmental Toolkit for Students

Here is a cornucopia of alphabetized information, tools, resources and other links that help to make green college life greener. This list contains everything that students need to live greener lives. Be sure to save this post as a reference for future access.

Comprehensive Summary
The Green Market

Green Apps
50 Green Apps
15 Green i-phone Apps

Green Building and Efficiency
Build It Green
Home Energy Saver

Green Calculators
Carbon calculators
Comprehensive carbon calculator
Footprint Calculator
Home carbon footprint calculator
Printing on paper calculator
Vehicle Eco-Calculator

Green Campus Organizations
Campus Ecology
Campus Environment
Curriculum for the Bioregion
Education for Sustainable Development
Green Campus Organizations (PDF)
Greening of the Campus VIII
Sustainability Tracking
Tree Campus

Green Information
Energy Efficiency Resources
Pollution Prevention & Safer Alternatives Resources
Sustainability Management Resources
Transportation Resources
Union of Concerned Scientists
Waste Management & Recycling Resources
Water Conservation

Green Jobs and Scholarships
Green Careers
Green Job Search Guide
Strategies to Find a Green Job
Green Scholarships
8 Hot Green-Collar Jobs

Green Link Resource
80+ sites, blogs, resources, tools, calculators etc.
100 Green Web Resources
Eco-friendly downloads
Online Resources for Eco-Friendly Schools

Green Marketplace
Back-2-Cool Campaign
Climate Counts
Earth 911
EV Rental Cars
Green Classifieds
Greener airline travel
Greener Choices
Local Organic Farmers
Real Estate Broker
Seafood Watch
Sustainable Shopping
Water filter comparison
Web hosting solutions

Green Sites
Brighter Planet
Green sites for college students
The Green Market

Green Tips
Green College Life
Green schools checklist (PDF)
Green tips for college students

Green Tools
Green Tools
Online tools for offline green living

Green Top 10 Lists
Top 10 Things To Know about Energy Efficiency
Top 10 Things to Know About Pollution Prevention & Safer Alternatives
Top 10 Things to Know About Sustainability Management
Top 10 Things to Know About Transportation
Top 10 Things to Know About Waste Management and Recycling
Top 10 Things to Know About Water Conservation

Paperless Collaboration Tools
Google Calendar
Google Docs

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