Saturday, October 2, 2010

USGBC's Green School Building Resources

With nearly 140,000 schools, colleges and universities in the United States the issue of green schools is an important one for students and environmental health. Green school buildings have a much smaller footprint and serve both as models and as valuable educational tools.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) reports that 68 percent of high school students are looking for a green campus, the unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of schools are far from green.

Recently, the USGBC's Center for Green Schools was launched to work toward the ambitious goal of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to attend a green school.

Here are eleven green building resources from the USGBC:

Center for Green Schools

Introduction to the Center for Green Schools
USGBC Launches Center for Green Schools (PDF)

Green School Tools, Information and News

Green School 101
Green Existing Schools ToolKit
LEED, the national benchmark for high-performance schools
Read the most recent green schools news
Local, state and federal initiatives supporting green schools
Find videos, research, case studies and other resources

Student Action

How to get involved with green building
Government involvement and what you can do
Pass a resolution

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