Monday, October 11, 2010

Message of Thanks from the President of the Maldives

Dear friends,
As President of one of the world's most climate vulnerable countries, I want to thank you for your tireless work and offer my wholehearted support for the Global Work Party on 10/10/10.

I shall be working hard in support of 10/10/10, up on my roof installing solar panels donated by Sungevity. But my event is just one of dozens of activities planed in the Maldives and thousands worldwide in support of this campaign.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to continue working to ensure that the planet meets the sustainable goal of returning CO2 concentrations to 350ppm.

For the Maldives, 350 is more than just a number: it is a passport to survival for our entire nation.

With best wishes,

President Mohamed Nasheed
President of the Maldives

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