Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opportunity Green Business Conference Networking Event and Awards

The 4th Annual Opportunity Green Business Conference is one of the premiere green events, it provides valuable social networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. The conference linked Fortune 500 companies, exhibitors and entrepreneurs to green industry professionals with the goal of cultivating better, more sustainable business practices.

Opportunity Green (OG) helps hundreds of sustainable companies to present their innovations and programs to the wider business community. OG is a company where design, technology and sustainable business converge.

The Opportunity Green Business Conference is described as a conference to "connect, collaborate and capitalize on the new sustainable economy." The event took place on September 22nd-24th at Los Angeles Center Studios, and featured keynote lectures, innovative exhibitions, as well as competitions to award the most innovative green product and startup business of 2010.

This year's award winners were Life Box and Zimride, both of which were selected by the conference attendees via text and twitter votes.

Life Box is a company that is focused on more sustainable packaging materials, it was the Innovative Product Design award winner.

Zimride, a sustainable rideshare service, won the Innovative Eco Startup Award, it also received more than $26,000 in marketing and business services from BBMG and Office Depot.

Other event highlights included: Gensler Architects’ design experience featuring iOS Lighting; Art Center School of Design Sustainability product exhibit featuring a central Geodesic dome; LACCD’s NEXTREND Transportation Pavilion with prototypes from the X-Prize winners; The three automotive X-Prize winners presented how it is possible for cars to get 100 MPG/MPG-equivalent; Real time crowd sourcing and feedback for 7th Generations scalability dilemma regarding distributing with large scale retailers.

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