Friday, October 22, 2010

Tea Party Bolsters Republican Commitment to Obstructionism

First and foremost, the Republican party demands loyalty to their strategy of obstructionism. The influx of Tea Party candidates has only engrained this idea more deeply into GOP political strategy.

Even before the Tea Party takeover, Republicans consistently refused to work with Democrats, even when dealing with approaches that Republicans either authored or previously supported.

The addition of the Tea Party to the Republican fold has renewed conservative zeal to oust President Obama and anyone who works with him.

Once dismissed as a fringe party, the Tea Party has taken control of mainstream conservatism and it is succeeding in moving America to the right.

The Tea Party has successfully eliminated candidates that did not move far enough or fast enough. Tea Party candidates have already defeated credible Republicans like Robert Bennett in Utah and Mike Castle in Delaware.

The Tea Party is behind efforts to politically exterminate Rebublicans who break ranks and work with the Democrats. Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) made the mistake of supporting President Obama’s stimulus bill and she was the only Republican to commit the cardinal sin of voting for his healthcare reform bill in the Senate Finance Committee. Now the Tea Party has her in the cross-hairs and plans have already been announced to challenge Snowe from within in 2012.

The Republican plan is to continue to resist all efforts that could move America forward and then blame the Democrats for their inability to get things done. Democrats were betting that Americans would see the blatent partisanship by the midterms, but judging by the polls it looks as though they may lose this bet.

The Tea Party has reinvigorated the Republican strategy of obstructionism. They also encourage other unsightly practices that are harmful to America, chief amongst them is the coordinated campaign of climate change denial.

America should be deeply concerned about the Tea Party, and even Republicans have reason to fear. Although there is increased interest in conservative politics, the Tea Party has shown it is not above cannibalism.

Although Republicans initially inspired the kind of zeal we see personified in Tea Party candidates, some are no doubt wondering what kind of monster they helped to create.

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