Saturday, October 9, 2010

White House Agrees to Put Solar On It

To encourage the leaders to get involved with the 10/10/10 event, launched a special campaign titled Put Solar On It. Through letters and petitions, people are encouraging government leaders to put solar panels on their official residences and principal workplaces on October 10, 2010.

From the White House in Washington to the Rashtrapati Bhavan in India, people are sending a strong message to their leaders.
Bill McKibben, the leader of, even went to Washington to personally meet with White House officials.

According to, the Put Solar On It, campaign sends "a strong symbolic message about what the future demand--and maybe our leaders will see how easy it is to start down a greener path. If they hammer in a solar panel, perhaps they'll feel more committed to hammering out some clean energy legislation."

In effect, has made the solar panels emblematic of a commitment to passing legislation and enacting regulations.

President Mohammed Nasheed of the Maldives was the first to confirm he'll be up on his roof on 10/10/10, installing a solar array.

The Obama administration also announced that they are going to put solar panels on the First Family's living quarters, returning to a tradition abandoned by the iconic Republican President Ronald Reagan.

Solar panels on the White House are a national symbol. As Americans prepare to vote in midterm elections, it should be clear which of their two choices are more likely to engage much needed climate and energy reform.

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