Friday, November 19, 2010

Canadian Tire's Sustainability Leadership

Canadian Tire Corporation is showing sustainability leadership by reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste. According to a recent news release, it is among the first major Canadian companies to report quarterly on its efforts, reflecting the integration of sustainability into its daily operations and aligning environmental and profit performances.

Canadian Tire was founded in 1922 and officially incorporated in 1927. Canadian Tire has a long-standing tradition of operating with integrity. Canadian Tire's commitment to ethical business practices is a key part of their core values of honesty and respect.

The company has developed a Code of Business Conduct to appropriately direct the actions of all employees and those individuals who act on behalf of the company. In addition, the company also has a separate Supplier Code of Business Conduct.

Canadian Tire also applies these high standards to its sustainability initiatives. The company has completed a total of 200 sustainability projects in 2010.

Canadian Tire's sustainability measures are reported in relation to three key segments of the business operations: Products and packaging; product transportation and buildings and operations.

One of the highlights this year include the design, construction, and opening of the first of its next-generation, energy efficient stores. These stores are 75 per cent more energy efficient than those built in 2010.

Packaging and handling changes to its retail products are helping Canadian Tire avoid 620 tonnes of product and packaging waste annually. Right-sizing 35 products is reducing 470 tonnes of packaging material. (Product rightsizing ensures that products are not over-packaged for the size and fragility of the product in question, contributing to reduced transportation costs, GHG emissions and packaging stewardship fees).

Tyler Elm, VP of Business Sustainability at Canadian Tire is committed to the company's sustainability goals, and strongly supports the integration of sustainability into business operations at a high level.

Through collaboration and soliciting feedback, Canadian Tire is demonstrating its commitment to stakeholders.

Canadian Tire is a leader in sustainability best practices and a model for others to follow. The company is not only appreciated by patrons across the country, its leadership has been recognized by Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR).

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