Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to Land a Green Job

Green jobs encompass a wide range of occupations. Green jobs can play a pivotal role in reducing unemployment and reviving a sluggish economy. The green market has enormous potential, more than any other industry. We have already seen massive growth in the solar and wind industries and this is sure to continue.

Far too many American politicians confuse the debate by denying climate change rather than advance green jobs. However, the burgeoning awareness will make it increasingly difficult for these politicians to continue their resistance to the inevitable transition to clean energy. Clean energy is a matter of national security, it is also a matter of international competitiveness.

Green collar jobs are already playing a vital role spurring economic growth and providing green jobs. In Europe, countries like Spain are investing heavily in renewable energy with the expectation that this will reduce unemployment and help grow their national economy.

Increasing numbers of green job seekers are looking to enter the green market. Green job seekers should learn about the companies and technologies that are part of the green revolution. An appropriate Education and ongoing learning is key. Green job seekers need to continually update their skills to keep up with the latest trends, they also need to attend conferences, and network with others in their chosen green field.

An outstanding resume that is focused on cleantech or other sustainable skills can go a long way to help people secure a green job. Leverage your experiences and position yourself for a green career. It is important to note that each industry has its own specific needs, and rather than a generic resume your resume should highlight your cleantech experience and other relevant experience. A cover letter tailored to the company to which you are applying is also an important part of a successful job application.

Volunteering can also give you valuable experience. For helpful green volunteer information visit "Sustainability Pro Bono Exhange," (SPBEX). SPBEX is a kind of match-making service between green/sustainability professionals and organizations in search of such professionals on a volunteer basis.

An online community for the unemployed known as lemonadeit, provides information for the unemployed. This site has a wealth of tools for the unemployed seeking to become employed.

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