Monday, November 22, 2010

World's Largest Green Building Conference & Expo

From November 17 – 19, building professionals from all over the world came together in Chicago for Greenbuild, the world's largest and most comprehensive green building conference and expo. Greenbuild is organized by Washington-based U.S. Green Building Council. With more than 27,000 attendees from 112 countries, the annual event is the premier networking event in the world of green building.

The week-long event featured 1,800 booths where more than 1,000 companies displayed their green goods and services.

Greenbuild 2010 also featured nearly 200 education sessions. The extensive educational programming and workshops covered commercial and residential building design, construction, operation, maintenance, and financing, as well as related topics like neighborhood development. Many of the educational sessions offer professional credential CEU's.

Additional residential training and certification workshops were held November 15th and 16th, preceding Greenbuild.

Former secretary of State and retired general Colin Powell gave the keynote opening speech on November 17, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan gave the closing address on November 19.

Greenbuild, was first held in Austin, Texas, in 2002, and next year (2011), for first time, the event will be held outside of the United States, in Toronto, Canada.

This conference not only promoted green building, it is also a more environmentally responsible event that included recycling, composting and fair-trade products.

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